Meet Our Artisans

These are the faces behind the colors at Sarah Sharp!

Our artisans are hard-working and inspiring individuals who have learned their craft through generations past. 

Often, everything in their shops is hand-woven by family members using Ancient Quechuan techniques. One woman once told us that the girls in her village begin learning how to spin yarn at the age of three, and by 8 years old are already capable of weaving complicated fabrics and textiles.

The size of the loom and the creativity of the artisans are what give each textile unique beauty. Two matching pieces are woven and then joined together in the middle by a whip stitch. We scour markets and visit rural mountain villages looking for the most special pieces, vintage or new, to bring back to the U.S..

The craftsmanship and dedication of our artisans is a true inspiration, shaping and inspiring the vision that is now Sarah Sharp!