our designer

Sarah Sharp Leatherwood is an entrepreneurial designer currently based in Houston, Texas. Born and raised in Houston, Sarah is known by her family and friends as a big-hearted hostess who is always giving, always traveling, and always creating. At the University of Texas in Austin, she studied Textiles and Apparel Design as well as Elementary Education. Upon graduation, Sarah spent two years serving and leading for the Teach for America Greater Nashville community while simultaneously earning a Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language. During this time, her desire to expand educational equity and provide employment opportunities exponentially grew.

Sarah Sharp is a confluence of all things she is most passionate about: designing and creating one-of-a-kind luxury goods, empowering the underprivileged and overlooked, and supporting local and global community groups. Partnering with artisans across the globe and supporting non-profit organizationsSarah aims to use her company and her talents to make the world an even more beautiful and colorful place.